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Ipcop throttling

Ipcop throttling

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Hello I'm using IPCOP on a small LAN with limited internet bandwidth. I was wondering if I can throttle bandwidth on a per user (host, ip, etc.). IPCop uses WonderShaper to accomplish this. WonderShaper was designed to minimize ping latency, ensure that interactive traffic like SSH is responsive. You should set the name/address of the proxy to that of the IPCop machine and .. Web proxy - Time restrictions, Transfer limits & Download throttling Sections.

26 Nov [IPCop-user] Limiting bandwidth for one user? . you can limit ALL users to a particular amount *through the proxy* (Download Throttling) this. The ONLY feature ipcop does not seem to provide for me is the ability to limit, control or throttle users bandwidth easily. A solution where upload and download . Edddie Brenda wrote: > I assume you are using Advproxy with URL filter. The download > throttling works unless the clients are in the unfiltered list.

Is there anyway I can limit bandwidth in ipcop! This is what i want to do: There are 4 pc's connected to my ipcop box, I have homedsl and. windows to do banddith throttling for certain clients, the only one I've linux distros (smoothwall, ipcop, LRP, freesco, astaro, several others..). Advanced Web Proxy Server for IPCop Content based throttling. Note : Download throttling works on a per machine basis and not per user. Throttling. 2 Dec One of the best of these is the IPCop firewall, which has a long . download throttling to the specified download speed limit, enabling only. The is slated to replace an aging (and dying) IPCop firewall in our office, so it's duty will be pretty light. We have a 50Mb Comcast line.

Hey guys, We need to aquire some form of bandwidth throttling tool for our Ip Cop v The reason for this being some of our house. 26 Jun The solution is IPCop, a Linux firewall distribution that is easy to install and configure and is managed Bandwidth throttling; Content filtering. 30 Jan To convert a basic IPCop installation into a complete Unified Threat Web access control by IP and MAC addresses; Download throttling. Then, the bandwidth got throttled /again./ I disabled Traffic Shaping on IPCop, and the speeds immediately jumped back up to normal. My assumption that I've.

Viewing messages in thread '[IPCop-user] Download Throttling'. Viewing messages in list ipcop-user. 1. Re: [IPCop-user] Download Throttling . Ipcop download throttling. Click here to get file download throttling sections. http web proxy page. Step 4 if you want control clients s web browser, just check . For example IPCop can do this and with some addon packages you can be the best way to go about implementing the bandwidth throttling. 2 Oct Bandwidth total usage (bandwidth quota); Maximal download speed (bandwidth throttling); Maximal requests-per-second speed; Maximal.


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