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Blade of the Ruined King is a finished item in League of Legends. 5 Dec - 10 min - Uploaded by LoL Slow Motions LoL Slow Motions , views. 6x STATIKK vs PHANTOM DANCER & Best Moments. 11 Mar - 30 min - Uploaded by SoloRenektonOnly Road to Challenger #59 BOTRK BUFFS Renekton top season 7! Renekton gameplay! League.

Hey, I'm playing in Diamond level and I've always thought that you should be going botrk once you're up against an x amount of tanks. Comment is below threshold (show). Most of them use it well, since it offers a very well rounded stat line that's effective in most situations. I honestly want to know if Botrk is good on Kayle (ofc only if the enemy team has champs that build HP), because in my Opionion if you go this.

@C9Sneaky If you did BotRK, you should still IE third, never LW. . @C9Sneaky If AD ratios are your reasoning for going IE second, why BotRK over BT?. 3 Apr There seems to be something else going on, so let's take a look at the Blade of the Ruined King (BOTRK) rework in patch Lucian Q. 7 Jan Blade of the Ruined King is just overtuned at the moment. The item has a lot of cool identities - dueling item, mild tank buster, early power spike. 5 May This means rushing BotRK has a bigger spike in damage for the midgame and choosing this item gives an ADC much better survivability than. So this season I've become a bit of a WW main, but I still can't decide which is a better buy BotRK or Wit's End. I play him in both top and jungle.

5 Aug Steam Community: Steam Artwork. Favorite game. 25 Dec Introduction. Hello! Thanks for taking a look at my build to start. This is a Lucian build I've been messing around with the last couple of days. Because he can proc on hits very well. Botrk got buffed. And cleaver is applied stupid fast with auto and ult. By only listing the positive. A short. 18 May The death of BotRK will open the door again for long-range lane bullies like Jhin and Caitlyn.


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